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Annual Review of Weymouth's weather 2014

The 30-year period of averages currently in use by the Meteorological Office is 1981 to 2010.

All data is recorded using standard Meteorological Office equipment, thermometers that are tested and certified, rain gauges and sun recorders, set on a standard site inspected by the meteorological office. On any one day the temperature, rainfall and sunshine in different parts of the Borough can vary greatly, readings are often queried by people using untested and improperly installed equipment.

The temperatures below are the monthly averages, specific daily data can be found on the What was it like page.

The Met Office divides the year up into precise 3 monthly periods:


January Rainfall mm Sunshine Hrs. Maximum oC Minimum oC Notes
30 year average 75.9 67.2 12.5 4.0 Another very wet but warm month, wettest ever January just beating the previous in 1948. Ground frost on 7 occasions but no air frost, fog or snow. Gusts of wind up to 46 MPH.
2014 186.0 74.5 13.9 5.7

February Rainfall mm Sunshine Hrs. Maximum oC Minimum oC Notes
30 year average 57.9 89.5 8.5 3.4 Another warm month with rain continuing from January for the first half of the month, with plenty of sunshine in the second half becoming our third sunniest February. Hail was recorded on 8th 11th 12th and 13th. And ground frost on 10th 16th 19th and 28th. Wind gusts up to 51 MPH.
2014 139.2 118.6 10.4 5.4

End of winter: Rainfall 494.5mm, 222% of the 30-year average, wettest winter since 1880. Sunshine 256.0 hours, 124.4% of the 30-year average. Temperatures were above the seasonal average. 271.8mm of rain above the average for the three months.

March Rainfall mm Sunshine Hrs. Maximum oC Minimum oC Notes
30 year average 61.8 128.7 10.3 4.7 A tame month, but once again warm and sunny. There were no occurrences of Air frost or Snow during March. Ground frost was recorded on 1st 4th 5th 24th and 27th. Thunder and lightning was noted at a distance around 0830 on Friday 28th. Hail was recorded on Friday 21st at 1530.
2014 53.1 175.7 12.1 6.1

April Rainfall mm Sunshine Hrs. Maximum oC Minimum oC Notes
30 year average 49.4 196.3 12.5 5.7 Once again the warm start to the year continues, but with plenty of rain in the first and last weeks. Ground frost was recorded on Tuesday 1st.
2014 68.7 197.4 13.9 7.9

May Rainfall mm Sunshine Hrs. Maximum oC Minimum oC Notes
30 year average 46.4 223.6 15.5 8.8 The warm year continues, wet on 6th and 7th and very wet in last 11 days making the wettest May since 2006. Thunder and Lightning were noted on Thursday 8th at 1700 and Monday 19th from 2025
2014 84.4 216.0 16.0 10.1

End of Spring; Sunshine 111% and rainfall 131% of seasonal average, Temperatures: Maximum 1.3oC above and Minimum 1.6oC above seasonal average. 320.4mm of rain above the average for the six months to date.

June Rainfall mm Sunshine Hrs. Maximum oC Minimum oC Notes
30 year average 45.3 225.3 18.0 11.0 Warm again with minimum highest seasonal average since 1880. Thunder and Lightning was noted on Friday 7th at 0327 and hail on 26th.
2014 29.7 292.2 20.0 13.1

July Rainfall mm Sunshine Hrs. Maximum oC Minimum oC Notes
30 year average 37.1 239.2 20.2 13.0 Still a very warm year with second consecutive month becoming the highest minimum average on record. 25 continuous days where the temperature reached 20 degrees. Thunder and Lightning was noted on Saturday 19th at 0503 and again 1120, also on Friday 25th from 1834
2014 24.1 316.0 22.3 15.1

August Rainfall mm Sunshine Hrs. Maximum oC Minimum oC Notes
30 year average 47.8 219.6 20.3 13.8 August started with nearly 2 inches of rain (50mm) in the first 5 days, apart from twice the monthly average rainfall it was a pretty average August.
2014 94.9 251.4 20.2 13.9

End of Summer; Sunshine 130% of the 30-year average, and Rainfall at 101% just above the seasonal average. Minimum temperature was 0.8oC and Maximum temperature 1.4oC above seasonal average. Warmest summer since 2006. 338.9mm of rain above the average for the nine months to date.

September Rainfall mm Sunshine Hrs. Maximum oC Minimum oC Notes
30 year average 56.4 171.6 18.5 12.2 A very dry month, the least amount of rainfall measured in September since our records began in 1880 and another warm month with average of sunshine. Thunder and lightning was observed at 0545 on Friday 19th.
2014 4.7 173.1 20.5 13.7

October Rainfall mm Sunshine Hrs. Maximum oC Minimum oC Notes
30 year average 85.1 123.9 15.2 9.9 October was a poor month, very wet and below average sunshine, the annual average rainfall was passed on the 13th with the October exceeded on the 18th. Thunder and lightning was observed Monday 6th, Wednesday 8th and Saturday 11th.
2014 130.6 111.8 17.0 12.5

November Rainfall mm Sunshine Hrs. Maximum oC Minimum oC Notes
30 year average 93.1 85.8 11.9 6.8 Another warm but wet month, although the sunshine was below par, the magic figure of 2000 hours was reached, only the second time this has been achieved during November. Thunder and lightning was observed Friday 14th at 0140. And ground frost was recorded on Thursday 6th November.
2014 126.7 80.2 13.1 8.7

End of Autumn: Sunshine right on average, Rainfall 28mm (1 inch) above the seasonal average, Minimum temperature was 2.0oC and Maximum temperature 1.9oC above seasonal average.

December Rainfall mm Sunshine Hrs. Maximum oC Minimum oC Notes
30 year average 88.6 63.6 9.1 4.3 A warm and quite dry month, 1 occasion of air frost, 12 ground frosts, hail on Sat 27th and wind from all points of the compass with highest gust 49 on Fri 12th.
2014 38.2 92.3 10.5 5.0


The average annual sunshine is 1855 hours 18 minutes, 2014 saw our second sunniest year with 2099 hours and 54 minutes, just below the record of 2003 with 2116.8 hours. The sunniest day was Thursday 10th July with 14 hours and 48 minutes.


The average annual rainfall in Weymouth is 744.8 millimetres, 2014 saw 980.3mm, an increase of 111mm over 2013 but far less than that of 2012(1133.5mm). March, June, July, September and December the only months that were below the average monthly rainfall, with September the driest on our records at just 4.7mm.


The prevailing wind for Weymouth is from the southwest, 87 days the wind came from the southern quadrant, 127 days came from the western quarter, 48 from the northern direction, 99 from the east and 4 days were calm at the 0900 observation. Gale force winds, i.e. wind at a speed of 34 knots or more, for a period of 10 minutes, or for gust exceeding 43 knots occurred on 17 occasions, gusts occurred more frequently but not for extended periods. The highest being 65 knots on 14th February. January and February were extremely windy months with 45 days producing strong gusts.


Average Max
2014 was a warm year for temperature with the Maximum just 0.2 of a degree below the warmest years of 1949 and 1958; all months exceeded the average maximum temperature. The warmest day was 24th July at 27.0oC.

Average Min
As with the maximum temperature all months exceeded the 30-year average, December was the coldest month; the highest minimum temperature was also on 24th July at 18.7oC. 2014 also recorded the highest average Minimum temperature.

Air frost

The air temperature dropped to zero or below on just 2 days, both of these were in December. Lowest air temperature was -1.0oC on 29th December.

Ground frost

Occurred on 28 occasions throughout the year compared to 70 last year, January 6 times, February 3 times, March 5 times, and April once, 1 in November, and on 12 occasions during December, the lowest ground temperature was -5.9oC on 29th December.


The sea temperature is measured in Weymouth Bay from the Pleasure Pier, (and is mainly recorded for the convenience of the bathers, whether they be local or visitors), the temperature of the water in the bay varies considerably from day to day depending on tide and wind, the rate of cooling and warming is a lot slower that of the air temperature, and in the winter is often a lot warmer than the air temperature. The temperature is measured 1 metre below the surface. The sea temperature was above the 30-year average in every month, the warmest months are from June to November. Highest temperature 19.1oC 29th July and the lowest was 7.9oC on 16th February.


11 occurrences of thunder were recorded, 19th May, 6th June, 18th ,19th and 25th July, 19th September, 8th ,9th, 10th and 11th October, 13th November.


Hail was recorded 10 times 6th and 13th January, 3rd, 12th and 13th February, 22nd, March, 16th, June 26th, July 7th and 14th November.


Snow, a rare phenomenon in Weymouth no instances recorded during 2014.


Fog is 'wet air', not to be confused with haze, which is 'dirty but dry air'. When assessing visibility, fog reduces visibility to 1000 metres, whilst thick fog brings visibility down to 400 metres. Fog was observed at the 0900 observation on 14th April Mist and haze was present on several occasions during the year.

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